It’s essential to make the right choice when comes the time to purchase a new commode! Thanks to its dual-flush function, our one-piece AQ160 commode allows you to choose the amount of water that is used, making it eco-friendly. You will also be happy to say goodbye to blocked commodes with a highly efficient 1000g flush capacity. In addition to a great performance level, the AQ160 commode is very stylish! Even the elongated bowl is ergonomic and well-designed. Its straight lines make it perfect for the most updated décor, and you can be done with the curves where dust accumulates! A detachable soft-closing seat will also make it easy to clean. A great option for both its style and quality!

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Siphonic One-Piece Commode with Slow Down Seat Cover
Size : 710x350x770mm
S-trap : 300mm roughing-in


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